Helen of Troy is the MOST beautiful woman in the Bible. www.BlackHelen.com

As you may have heard, we are making a film about the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD: The Black woman called Helen of Troy.

This is a ground breaking work and needs a team and crew like the LARGE multi-million dollar Hollywood productions. I would suspect that there are going to be two types of people that talk about this film project.

One...those that are so intrigued and interested in exploring the facts of the FORBIDDEN HISTORY of our world.


Which one are you? 

This blog is intended to begin the discussion and start to take sides and build the case for the MOST INTERESTING film of the 21st Century,. 




 We are working on the Black Helen website. Keep checking in...

The deep, esoteric and hidden knowledge of the ancient Americas is being revealed from the must unsuspected place. You are going to be TOTALLY engaged in the content of this film...filled with citations and source references that NONE of the academics and scholars and theologians have EVER wanted to show you. Most of them DO NOT KNOW!

But...WE have the ancient WRITTEN records.

 Come see and learn the Bible is ancient Black history. The Greek classics are ancient Black history. Learn the PARALLELS of the Bible and Greek classics in a film.

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