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Corn In The Bible®

CORN IN THE BIBLE® MEANS MAIZE... Many people think that CORN just means GRAIN when mentioned in the bible. ​They concoct all manner of cognitively dissonant arguments in the interest of forcing the interpretation of CORN in the BIBLE to mean anything but American CORN. It is very unfortunate, but I understand this need to maintain the dogma of childhood teachings. Most people THINK and BELIEVE that Christopher Columbus discovered America.  The Vatican and Holy See invented the idea that the Americas were the "New World" ​Let’s begin to go into a full, verifiable, and detailed PROOF without a shadow of a doubt, that CORN simply means CORN, and not wheat, barley, rye, or any other grain! ​You would have...

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Corn in the Bible®

drama...drama...drama...drama,,,drama...Something so easy seems to be so hard. Have you ever lunched a BRAND before? Let me tell you, it is an arduous task. How will this end?You want this project to go VIRAL and have people selling the merch after market for HIGH markups. That''s the goal. Something I need to work through.Looking  for models now. I want just regular people from all walks of life. Maybe do a few professional model sports. But real people for the most part? I don't know.Who do I know that's super cool that could help launch this BRAND?   Designs are coming along. More to come later. Changing websike. Looking into getting the app ready for the fintech aspect of the BRAND...

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