Black Helen is the working name of a project that I am involved with. More than just involved. I created the project.


*** updated April 2,, 2019


The name alludes to one of the most known...yet, UNKNOWN,  Black women in history. the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD. The "Face that Launched 1,000 Ships"..

Black Helen is about the Black woman called Helen of Troy!

This first blog entry is about the FILM (Black Helen).

Today is March 20, 2019. I have started to work on the script and outline of the film. Also, on the other back end, I am acquiring the equipment, writing the business and marketing plan and doing the virtual logistics and road map for the project.


Phase One: 

Mar 20, 2019

Do you remember the book called "Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization (The Fabrication of Ancient Greece 1785-1985, Volume 1)"...by Martin Bernal?

The Black Athena book brought so much DRAMA in the mid eighties. Honestly, it seemed that book threatened to snatch the rug of the fraud called race and racism right from under the feet of the people that benefit and uphold that shameful "scientific racism.".. YANK! There was so much back and forth and desperation in academia to hold onto he false beliefs that the ancient Greeks were so called white people. Although, Black Athena came close, it FAILED to bring the REAL ancient history and identity of the Black people called Greeks. 

I intend to bring that DISCUSSION and CONTROVERSY back to the minds of the people. It's been 30 years since that book was published and we have made HUGE advances on the knowledge and have discovered the more hidden and esoteric parts of ancient history (ancient Black history)!

Not ONLY was the Greek Goddess, Athena, a Black Woman (Athena was the Neith of the Egyptians). But the MAIN Greek God, called Zeus, was a Black man. Zeus is the Black Egyptian God/Man called Amen, Ammon, Ammon Zeus, Zeus Ptah, Jupiter, Jove, YHVH, Yahweh. Jehova, etc.

The ancient Greeks wrote that they got their knowledge and personifications of God from the ancient Egyptians. It has been VERY hard to get the modern world to ADMIT that the ancient Egyptians were Black people. We know they were. BUT...do you know the ancient GREEKS were Black people, too?

This film will be MONUMENTAL and instrumental in the END of racism. This changes EVERYTHING! 


blackhelen.com T shirts are available here



Mar 27, 2019

I am talking to a few musick producers than are going to provide the sound design for the film. no names yet because we are just meeting and discussing the possibilities. 


That is what they called the Black woman known as  Helen of Troy. We have started a line of beauty products in your honor. In her honor. The sales of these products will help fund the and promote the film. I have a Patreon that I am using for support as well. Only one person is patronizing this effort so far.

Join on to support...


Watch this video to get an idea about what was going on 30 years ago. We have learned a LOT since then...





This is an example of an actor reciting his lines for a part in the movie. Good luck, guy. 

We also have a group on facebook. Here

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