OFFICIAL Veritaseum Tee Shirt (Chest Logo)
OFFICIAL Veritaseum Tee Shirt (Chest Logo)

OFFICIAL Veritaseum Tee Shirt (Chest Logo)

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Finance without banks! Trades without brokers!

100% cotton Tee featuring the Veritaseum logo.

Veritaseum is a company founded by Reggie Middleton of Boom Bust Blog fame. Reggie Middleton is THE MASTER DISRUPTOR that called the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Blackberry and many others.

The Veritaseum company is a PEER 2 PEER capital markets software machine.

Reggie Middleton is an entrepreneurial investor who guides a small team of independent analysts to uncover truths, seldom if, ever published in the mainstream media or Wall Street analyst reports.

Since the inception of his BoomBustBlog, he has established an outstanding track record, including but not limited to, the call of....

The housing market crash in the spring of 2006 and publicly in September of 2007.

Home builders falling and their grossly misleading use of off balance sheet structures to conceal excessive debt in November of 2007 (not a single sell side analyst that we know of made mention of this very material point in the industry).

The collapse of Bear Stearns in January 2008 (2 months before Bear Stearns fell, while trading in the $100s and still had buy ratings and investment grade AA or better from the ratings agencies).

The warning of Lehman Brothers before anyone had a clue!!! (February through May 2008)

The fall of commercial real estate in general (September of 2007) and the collapse of General Growth Properties [nation's 2nd largest mall owner] in particular (November 2007).

The collapse of state and municipal finances, with California in particular (May 2008).

The collapse of the regional banks (32 of them, actually) in May 2008.

The collapse of the monoline insurers, Ambac and MBIA in late 2007 & 2008.

The overvaluation of Goldman Sachs from June 2008 to present).

The ENTIRE Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis (potentially soon to be the Global Sovereign Debt Crisis) starting in January of 2009 and explicit detail as of January 2010.

Ireland austerity and the disguised sink hole of debt and non-performing assets that is the Irish banking system.

The mobile computing paradigm shift, May 2010, and in particular the:
Fall from grace of Research in Motion over a year in advance;
The fall of Apple;
The rise of Samsug
The global dominance of Google in Mobile OS and the cloud.

Specialties: financial information system, macro economic, business analytics, stock market predictions, global cycles, investment strategies, investment research, credit default swaps, corporate finance, commercial real estate financing, hedge funds,macroeconomics, financial analysts, trend analysis

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